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Helping you fulfill your greatest physical potential.

What do I get with a personal trainer?


We will take you through an in depth assessment in order to create your personal plan for your success. We will do a posture and mobility screening, food log and overall lifestyle assessment. You have to know where you are at in order to know how to get to where you want to be.


We build personalized workouts specifically for your goals and your lifestyle. Whether you have access to a gym or just your home, your workouts will be effective. Workouts will be uploaded into our app with descriptions and demo videos.


We are constantly with you through our Kula Wellness app. This is our main platform of communication; with your assessments, workouts and nutrition uploaded for you where you can see your results and stay motivated. We check-in with you to hold you accountable and make sure you are getting closer to your goals.


You will get specific nutritional advice in order to make effective long lasting changes to your eating habits. No guess work or fad diets. We use nutritional science to get your body to respond the way you want.

In-Person Coaching

Working with your trainer face to face allows for the most attention to detail. There is constant assessing and reassessing happening in real time. Having specific cuing of the body decreases the risk of injury and increases your success. We also work with you through our app to be in constant communication and give you your workout programs.

Online Coaching

With our online coaching you get all the luxury of having a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost. You get individual workout plans and nutritional counseling based on your assessments. This is for the motivated client who will be able to follow the plan and workout on their own while being held accountable with routine check ins.

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