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200 HR Yoga Teacher Training


Welcome to
Kula Yoga Academy

The Kula Yoga Academy offers a Hatha based yoga teacher training program with the addition coaching strategies and techniques. The Kula Yoga Academy is non-traditional, which offers teachers the space to be unique, and bring their own style into their practice and teachings. We will discuss the history and approach of many different lineages and encourage our students to explore much further into any method of teaching that calls to them. We support the integration of a variety of teachings into the specific style of each individual student.


Through many years of practice and teaching, we've noticed that students want a space to safely share and connect with teachers. As a teacher, you are not only instructing students how to move their bodies, but also guiding them on a deep emotional, healing journey through movement and meditation. An integral part of being a good yoga teacher is being able to communicate well with students, not only in class but also before and after. This helps build a stronger connection of community and trust, which is why we feel it is important to integrate coaching skills into our training program.


We are seeking individuals who are passionate about teaching yoga and creating a sense of community among like-minded individuals through the practice of yoga. "Kula" represents community, and our focus is on building meaningful connections through our studio and training programs.  

Our trainees can expect to learn the basic principles, guidelines and techniques for becoming a yoga teacher, while growing internally and externally within their own practice. They will learn not only how to lead a yoga class, but also how to hold space for personal growth and acceptance.


Thank you for considering our yoga school.

Krista & Justin Cooper

Founders of Kula Yoga Academy

Hello and welcome Kula Yoga Academy. My name is Krista Cooper, Co-Founder and Program Director of Kula Wellness Hot Yoga and Kula Yoga Academy along side my husband Justin Cooper.


Justin and I met in California where we fell in love through the practice of yoga. We have practiced yoga for over 10 years. We are both RYTs with Yoga Alliance and certified through High Vibe Yoga in Bali.


We have been teaching various types of yoga including vinyasa, yin, restorative and partner yoga for 8 years. 

In 2018 we opened a wellness studio in Sunnyvale, CA. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstance we closed our doors in 2020. 

In 2021, we moved to Port Charlotte, Florida where we had 2 beautiful twin girls and started our family. In 2022 we opened Kula Wellness Hot Yoga and as of March 2024 we are officially a Registered Yoga School through Yoga Alliance. We are excited to share our newest adventure, Kula Yoga Academy 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training. 

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love & light
Krista & Justin Cooper


Dates & Schedule

January 10, 2025 - March 2, 2025

8 weekends

Friday 4pm-7pm

Saturday-Sunday 12pm-7pm

***Exact times are subject to change. 


Kula Yoga Academy marks personal steps towards maturity and evolution as individuals and community. 'Kula' embodies a community of individuals with shared values and goals, coming together for a common purpose. 'Kula' emerged organically when two people on separate journeys, but closely intertwined, came together as one. The moment we discovered this word, we felt inspired by how it perfectly reflects what we aim to create.


Here at Kula Yoga Academy, we offer you a unique blend of experiences that take pieces from many different yoga lineages and movement practices to create your own authentic yoga practice and teachings. We provide you with a hand for guidance on your yoga journey; take what we teach you as a first step into a new world of awakening, growth and curiosity. Take what works for you, leave what doesn't and add what is uniquely your own.

Foundations of Hatha Yoga

While exploring different yoga lineages, you will learn about the foundations of yoga, pranayama, and subtle body techniques.

Relaxation Techniques

We will practice a variety of relaxation techniques including: Yoga Nidra, breathing exercises, guided meditation and more. 

Meditation & Mindfulness

We will dive into the history of meditation, explore different meditation techniques and participate in chanting, learning mantras and mudras.


***Understanding these concepts will allow you to draw upon diverse practices and philosophies; enriching your teaching and allowing you to guide a more holistic yoga experience.*** ​


Anatomy & Physiology

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the nervous system, anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics as they pertain to a yoga practice.

Asana & Sequencing 

Delve into the historical evolution of asana, gain insights into effective sequencing strategies, and explore the diverse benefits offered by yoga poses.

The Voice

Discover and develop your authentic teaching style by finding your voice, tapping into your inner teacher, and exploring various archetypes within the teaching journey.

***This will allow you to safely and effectively create well-rounded and purposeful classes while also discovering how your unique voice enhances authenticity and connection with students.***

Yoga Humanities & Lifestyle

Immerse yourself in the depths of yoga philosophy, explore its diverse lineages, and cultivate a thorough understanding of yoga ethics.

Teaching Methodology

Develop confidence in classroom management by mastering effective sequencing, pacing, and cueing techniques, allowing you to create an ideal learning environment.

Integration & Self Reflection

Through self-reflection and ongoing professional development, you will be able to craft a yoga class that authentically reflects your unique style and teaching philosophy.


***This will give you a broader understanding of yoga beyond the physical practice. You will be able to adapt to diverse students' needs, and cultivate a nurturing and effective teaching environment.***

Yoga Alliance Curriculum

Technique & Training
100 Hours

Includes, but not limited to: asanas, pranayama, chanting, mantra, meditation and other traditional yoga techniques.

Teaching Methodology
25 Hours

The Teaching Methodology category covers a broad overview and analysis of teaching methods.

Anatomy and Physiology
20 Hours

Includes, but not limited to: human physical anatomy and physiology and may also include energy anatomy and physiology.

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics
30 Hours

The study of yoga philosophy and traditions. Understanding yoga lifestyle, ethics and the values of teaching yoga.

10 Hours

Practice teaching, observe others teaching, receive feedback from teaching community. 

15 Hours

Reading, videos, etc.


$1,695 USD Pre-sale Rate, for a limited time

$2,295 Standard Rate

Rate Includes:

  • 200 HR RYT Yoga Alliance Certification 

  • 200-hours of in-person + online teachings

  • Comprehensive Training Manual 

  • An introduction to coaching strategies and techniques. 

  • Unlimited classes at Kula Wellness during the course of this training. 

  • Gift Bag

Want to know more?

4300 Kings Hwy. #207

Port Charlotte, FL 33980

Tel: 941-564-5852

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