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Online Nutritional Coaching

Kula Wellness is proud to offer a simple, easy to follow, individualized approach to online Nutrition Coaching by Justin Cooper. Are you realizing that your body and nutrition have gotten away from you and your not sure what to do? Maybe, you've tried cookie cutter meal plans or counted calories but could not stick with it?


We work with a behavioral based approach focused on daily actions and food knowledge to build a plan that will be achievable and successful for you. 

We will focus on 4 main pillars of nutrition while also taking into account other lifestyle factors like stress, sleep, environment, movement and emotions. You still get to live your life and enjoy yourself while working on 1-2 meaningful changes we can make each week.

Click the 'GET STARTED' button below. Take a few minutes to complete this short questionnaire. This information will be helpful for us to determine if our coaching is right for you. Please answer everything honestly, there’s no judgement here.

Once you complete the form you’ll receive an email that has a link where you’ll be able to schedule your free consultation call. I look forward to hearing from you. Talk soon!

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