Types of Classes We Offer:


Beginner Friendly

The perfect practice for those newer to yoga or/and those wanting to get back to the basics. This is a slower paced practice that will focus on breath, foundation and alignment. Feel more comfortable and confident in your yoga practice while also being challenged mentally and physically. 


Beginner Friendly

(75 minutes) Start your day of right! Immerse yourself in a Energizing Vinyasa Flow to wake up the body, rejuvenate the mind, and cleanse the soul.


Beginner Friendly

Mixed Level

Energetic and fluid movement from one pose to the next while jammin' to the tunes of Reggae Vibes . Feel irie as you incorporate strength, flexibility, mindfulness and balance into the fun light heated practice. The perfect blend of peace and happiness.


Mixed Level

A vinyasa practice focused on energetic and fluid movement from one pose to the next while connecting breath to movement. Feel invigorated and revitalized as you incorporate strength, flexibility, mindfulness and balance into your practice. The perfect blend of power and serenity.


Mixed Level

(75 minutes) A mindful yoga practice that is intended to elevate your vibe and invite harmony between the body, mind, and breath. The class consists of guided breathing practices, gentle asana flow, and a closing meditation. Students of all experience levels are welcome. 


Mixed Level

Break up your day with an energetic vinyasa practice. Recharge the mind and body while connecting breath and movement. Continue your day feeling energized, restored and balanced. 


Mixed Level

This class consists of relaxation-based mindful movement with an extended meditation, and the option for hand mudras. Mudras are positions, mainly using the hands, that facilitate the flow of energy. This class is similar to a hatha yoga class with the addition of inviting mudra meditation in extended poses. Students are encouraged to use props throughout class, practice ends with an extended meditation.  



Take your yoga practice outside and on the water, with a stand up paddle board as your mat!

Enjoy learning while adapting to the motion of the board, the continuous need to adjust balance, the instability created by minor energy and weight shifts, and the focus required to stay grounded while afloat.

Besides reinforcing the proper SUP technique, this activity improves, and  challenges, your existing yoga practice: Along with engaging more muscles, by performing poses on a moving surface, achieving perfect alignment becomes crucial in order to distribute weight properly on the board.


Prerequisites: Participants must be able to swim unaided, and also be physically capable of pulling themselves up out of the water and onto a stand-up paddle board unaided.

Prior experience with yoga is recommended.


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